I've decided to set some time aside each month to film and create videos. It's something I really enjoy doing and something I used to do more frequently but for whatever reason, I haven't spent anytime on creating video content for some time. So here is my first attempt in a long time, in getting back into videos. I thought I would start off a little easy and just bring you guys along with me on my weekend, rather funnily enough this weekend ended up being a bit of a Groundhog Day as I did the same thing on both Saturday and Sunday, not that I have any complaints about that. 
I didn't mange to film as much as I would have liked to or get as many photos as I would have loved but when you're having so much fun, it can be hard to remember to whip out your camera, also I'm still pretty shy about getting the camera out and must learn to stop caring what strangers may think about me filming.

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